My full name is Mees Roman Melchior Riechelman (1996) and I’m living the life in Amsterdam, The Netherlands.

This is were it all began:

2002 – I was at the age of 6 when I started drumming with my father. From that moment on I knew I wanted to be a musician for the rest of my life!

2003 – In the local drumband I learned reading sheet music. But quite soon I wanted more then just playing the snaredrum so I went to the School of Music & Arts to get drum lessons.

2004 – At the School of Music & Arts I started laying my foundation for technique, rhythm and groove. During my 6-year study at the School of Music and Arts in Venray I obtained 4 diploma (A – D), all of them cum laude! I got my last diploma (D) at the age of 13.

2010 – I went to the Conservatory of Maastricht to do my entrance exam. Unfortunately I could not be accepted due my young age. They recommended me to take a private teacher and to come back in a year. So that’s exactly what I was going to do. I went to Sjoerd Rutten where I learned the intricacies to groove, play in the pocket and get the best sound out of the drums. It definitely helped me a lot and I was prepared to go to the Conservatory of Maastricht!

2011 – I was in my second-last year of the High School and did a combination study of Conservatory/High School for 2 years. Very nice! I was very pleased to get weekly drum lessons from Ron van Stratum at the Conservatory of Maastricht (for 2 years), I learned a lot!

2013 – I went to the Conservatory of Amsterdam. I did a preparation year, and after a year I got accepted to the Bachelor. I’m really happy I’m part of the Jazz-department of the Conservatory of Amsterdam. I’m having a wonderful time, and I’m living the dream, I’m living the life!


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